(2020) Hawker – Covid19 (Singapore)

Hawker – Covid19 (Singapore)

I began to work on the Hawker photography project sometime in mid February 2020 during the Pre-Covid19 Circuit Breaker.

The transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 in the Hawker Centres shows the gradual relaxation of measures. Diners were not allowed to dine in the Hawker Centres during the Circuit Breaker and Phase 1. However, they were allowed to take-away food.

For Phase 2, diners were allowed to dine in the Hawker Centres with certain safety measures such as there must not be more than five diners per table. Tables with five seats or less are not affected. Tables with more than 5 seats will have a few seats marked with tapes to ensure that there is no over crowding. Diners must wear mask when they queue to purchase the food in the Hawker Centres. They are allowed to remove their masks only when they are seated and eating.

These images will show how adaptable the Hawkers are in going through the tough times brought about by Covid19 and how diners continue to get used to the different norms brought about by the various measures in the different phases.

Pre-Covid19 Circuit Breaker
(12th Feb to 7th April 2020)

Covid19 Circuit Breaker
(7th April 2020 to 1st June 2020)

Post Covid19 Circuit Breaker – Phase 1 (Safe Re-opening)
(2nd June to 17th June 2020)

Post Covid19 Circuit Breaker – Phase 2 (Safe Transition – Covid19 safe normal)
(18th June 2020 onwards)

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