(2003) Reflections of Life

Reflections of Life

It is a cold night with the moon
Hung up in the night sky.
It is a good time to meditate and reflect.
As the chilly night wind blew past,
I seemed to see images appearing
Below the everchanging moon.
I immersed in these reflections.

Images from daily life;
On the field, indoor, the melodies of life,
The beauty of nature, the friendship bonds,
Man’s creation, all appeared,
Like a reflection of life.

Life is impermanent, as preached by Buddha.
Though life is short,
The moments of celebrations and grief
Added colours to life, painted with light.

As I yearn so deeply for those moments
Of joy and happiness
Shared with loved ones and friends,
I realised that life is precious and not eternal.
These reflections of life are good reminder,
A good wake up call, to treasure life.

Lets us pay a tribute to life and cherish it.

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