(2020) Hawkers – Mono in Illusion (Singapore)

Hawkers : Mono in Illusion (Singapore)

The concept of Coloured subject against a Monochrome background and vice versa is nothing new. I adopted the concept of Monochrome subject against a Coloured background for this series of works.

Hawkers are very hard working people. They work in hot and humid environment to dish out the delicious food for the people for generations. Their tradition and secret recipes are passed down generation after generation.

Their work can be Monotonous as well, everyday dishing out the same dishes for their livelihood. How popular they can get will also depend not just how delicious is their food, but also how consistent their everyday cooking is in terms of the taste. They are humans and not robots.

Depicting them in monochrome in the midst of their colourful environment is justifiable. The Hawkers are timeless treasures in Hawker Culture. The food may be the same throughout the generations, while the hawkers may be replaced by the successors.

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