(2017) The Wok of Life

The Wok of Life

Very often we take for granted the things that we have in life, even the simplest of thing in the kitchen in any family in China, the Wok or also known as the Chinese frying pan.

This is a set of images which show the hardship of the workers who work in one of the harshest of environment producing 1000 woks per day reaching out to the kitchens of more than 300 million households and restaurants in a small town in Guangzhou, China.

I was fortunate to be able to visit this very isolated factory in a very rural countryside. They use some of the best of the old technology in metallurgy with very little automation to churn out these woks to perfection and hardness.

Work place safety is almost non-existent here and their very little salary will easily turn anyone away. Their living condition in their hostel is probably the most Spartan anyone has seen. They are unskilled and come from some of the poorer parts of China, travelling thousands of miles to be in this factory to earn their living.

Seeing Beyond these woks which dish out the many delicacies that fill the tables, the food that brought us up and gave us joy, we salute the workforce behind the making of these woks.

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